Marc Goupille, CEO of Focalis, is a property developer and business incubator with a human-centred approach to business. He initially launched The Junction Business Hub development in Calebasses in an endeavour to meet the requirements of SMEs. As a visionary, he laid out this development amid an orchard outside the main urban centres but within close distance from major traffic arteries.

The development proved a huge success with owners and occupants, leading Marc to team up with Saeed Currimjee who already had 10 years’ experience in real estate in Dubai, to create a similar project in Ebene. Both of them have always been entrepreneurs at heart and had previously succeeded in developing projects of their own. Marc and Saeed also share the confidence and enthusiasm to meet challenges head on.

When they decided to launch Ebene Junction, many believed they were bold to erect another office building in an already overcrowded area. But their approach was different. The office spaces sold in full ownership on the outskirts of the Cybercity was another hit with clients.